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Today, over 2.3 billion people are excluded from the traditional financial system and even more lack access to sophisticated services such as borrowing, lending, and asset management. Decentralized digital assets are revolutionizing the global transfer of value and require decentralized financial services (or DeFi) to support it. While DeFi is still nascent technology, it has the ability to revolutionize the global financial services market (estimated at $21 trillion) and pave the way for a more accessible, and efficient financial system.

As a way to participate in this nascent technology, Grayscale Investments…

In 2013, Grayscale launched the first publicly traded-Bitcoin fund in the U.S., Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), which pioneered the model of providing investors with exposure to digital currencies in the form of a security without the challenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping these assets directly.

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Since 2013, the digital currency market has expanded significantly, and regulations have evolved alongside the market’s growth. Key milestones have helped create more regulatory clarity in the market — including in early 2020, when Grayscale converted Grayscale Bitcoin Trust into an SEC-reporting company — the world’s first company to achieve this milestone with a Bitcoin fund.

Converting our products to SEC-reporting companies is an important step, as it offers a wider group of investors the opportunity to access digital currencies through a traditional investment vehicle as well as signaling that regulators…

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On February 26, 2021, our team published an initial list of assets that we are considering for inclusion in our product family. In the spirit of our commitment to transparency, we are updating this list with thirteen additional assets: 1inch (1INCH), Bancor (BNT), Curve (CRV), Internet Computer (ICP), Kava (KAVA), Kyber Network (KNC), Loopring (LRC), NEAR (NEAR), Polygon (MATIC), Ren (REN), Solana (SOL), Universal Market Access (UMA), and 0x (ZRX).

We will continue to update this list as we review additional assets. As the digital asset ecosystem expands, we invite our…

We are excited to present Grayscale’s first “5 Questions With…” featuring our newly announced Chief Marketing Officer, Deborah Bussière.

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Q: Welcome to the Grayscale team! To start, can you walk us through the highlights of your professional career that led you to this moment, as Grayscale’s new Chief Marketing Officer?

A: I began my career on Wall Street — working for Morgan Stanley and then UBS — in marketing and business development roles within the asset management/alternative investments industry. …

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In recent months there’s been a growing number of questions around the possibility of a Bitcoin ETF in the US, and we’d like to take the opportunity to provide clarity and context on what such a development would mean at Grayscale and for Grayscale® Bitcoin Trust (Symbol: GBTC).

First and foremost we wish to make clear: we are 100% committed to converting GBTC into an ETF.

In 2013, Grayscale launched GBTC and pioneered the model of providing investors with exposure to digital assets in the form of a security without the…

Grayscale is committed to providing investors with a comprehensive suite of investment opportunities within the digital currency asset class. Digital asset protocols are emerging with differentiated use cases and value for investors. Given our role and mission to continue offering access and exposure to the digital asset ecosystem, we are constantly looking to expand our product family to match the investment community’s appetite for exposure to this growing asset class.

This is why we are proud to announce the introduction of five new single-asset digital currency trusts into the Grayscale family of products. …

The digital currency asset class has continued to experience record levels of interest in 2021. Grayscale has long been at the forefront of introducing investors to novel opportunities, and we’re always on the lookout for intriguing digital assets that could help us grow our family of investment products.

As we seek to create additional investment products that will help define the next step in our company’s journey, we want to share the assets we’re currently considering.

  • Aave (AAVE)
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Compound (COMP)
  • Cosmos (ATOM)
  • Decentraland (MANA)
  • EOS (EOS)
  • Filecoin (FIL)
  • Flow (Dapper Labs) (FLOW)

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve expanded the Grayscale leadership team with three new incredible individuals — Hugh Ross as Chief Operating Officer, Benjamin Melnicki as Chief Compliance Officer, and Angela Romano Kuo as Chief People Officer.

As set out in his letter to Grayscale stakeholders here, our CEO Michael Sonnenshein noted that he is focused on growing Grayscale by adhering to three principles: investing in our people, technology, and brand.

As you can see, we’re certainly wasting no time on the people front. Aside from these three leadership hires, we also promoted two long-time team members — Craig…

Since launching in 2015, Ethereum has garnered significant interest as the second-largest blockchain network. But even as the network has matured into a robust settlement layer for billions of dollars of peer-to-peer value transfer, investors often find it difficult to identify the investment case.

Ethereum similarly facilitates verification, but of a wider set of logic and information. In other words, Ethereum’s robust network ensures that applications run according to the logic that is encoded, without the need for third parties or without the possibility of interference. Ethereum creates an environment of trust, which is historically a prerequisite for prosperous trade.

At Grayscale Investments, we believe digital currencies and blockchain technology have the potential to make the world a fundamentally better place. These technologies, just a decade old, have spawned a new industry attracting the best and brightest in the world to tackle some of the toughest economic and social issues of our time. In many ways, the people working in this space aren’t just part of an industry, they are also part of a movement.

Like any movement, educating the broader public and our global leaders about the issues we face is critical. This is why Grayscale is proud to…

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